Web Design Agency

As a creative agency we firmly believe in the value of the idea as a starting point of any strategy, even when we are talking about performance marketing. Our extensive experience as a digital marketing agency clearly showed how important good ideas are, but we also realize that these ideas have to demonstrate potential for creating interaction and to be easy to understand.

In Kanlli, we consider dedicating time studying consumers’ behavior being a crucial point as it allows us to understand not only consumers’ habits and motivations, but also to get clear idea of their overall experience and how they access information through multiple devices.

Kanlli is a design agency which creates accessible, functional, simple and intuitive creative pieces, molding them to consumers’ expectations.

So far, Kanlli has been recognized twice for creative works: we’ve been awarded Best Food Pack 2014 award in the category of Branding Packaging for Hams DeMaría project, and Luxury Advertising Award for Advertising Creativity. We are very proud of these awards, which put us among the best design agencies and recognize our competence in the field.

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