Search Engine Optimization

We are a digital marketing agency with a wide experience in Search Engine Optimization (SEO) services. Our philosophy is offering to users what they are searching for. We believe that the only way to rank pages higher in search results is focusing on relevant content for the consumer.

According to our experience in this area, the onsite optimization is the most important thing, so we ensure that the websites conform to search engine best practices. Kanlli creates integrated Search Engine Optimization strategies based on audience research, UX design and content, local knowledge and social engagement. We’ve built our vision focused on the customer, like Google does.

In Kanlli we know that Google isn’t everything, and so we work the search engine optimization in other platforms that can be interesting for our clients: SEO in Amazon – the most important marketplace of our country- and also in social networks like Youtube.

Our commitment with the internationalization makes us one of the best SEO agencies  with a high market share outside of our borders: we also provide SEO services in Baidu and Yandex, search engines leaders in China and Russia, respectively.

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