Other countries

One of the biggest challenges any digital marketing agency has is to be able to provide its services in many countries. To do so even better than multinational companies, we’ve built Moseiko, an international network of digital agencies.

Thanks to Moseiko we have become one of the best digital marketing agencies to work in high potential international markets. We share knowledge, case studies, clients… in the end, we help our clients to be very competitive in a multitude of markets, thinking globally and acting locally.

Despite our main activity is developed in the Spanish market, nowadays Kanlli has a nice portfolio of foreign clients. We work for companies in France, UK, Germany, USA, China, Russia, Mexico and more. Through UAE we have worked for countries as far as Afghanistan or Burundi.

In Kanlli we have a multidisciplinary and multilingual team. We can develop projects not only in Spanish or English but in French, Russian, Chinese or Japanese. This makes us one of the best digital agencies in Spain to develop digital marketing strategies internationally.

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