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Performance Marketing

We are a performance marketing agency  with our own view on what is Performance and how it applies to a company’s conversion process.

When we are planning an action of performance, we not only focus on the final action taken by the consumer, but also on all the stages that lead to conversion. We work hard on explaining to the consumer what is the product or service particularity, because if they register not having understood in depth what it is about, it will likely increase commercial resources and costs. This special way of working, , is what makes us one of the best marketing results-oriented agencies.

More or less any player on the market can negociate a CPL. Our strong focus on performance marketing makes Kanlli think that the differential value we can add lies in understanding consumers’ motivations and the process planning. This is what makes us different and why.

Kanlli was recognized as eAwards’ best digital marketing agency agency in 2010 and 2013 editions.

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