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Anti-perspirant brand Perspirex was planning to launch a new product: Perspirex Plus, anti-perspirant for people worried about their look and interested in controlling sweat in “exceptional moments”.

The challenge was to convince potential clients that Perspirex Plus was a cosmetic product that, besides offering solution to excessive perspiration, could be used by those who didn’t want to care about sweating in “exceptional moments” (events, weddings, meetings etc.), for more aesthetic reasons.


We needed a remarkable campaign to communicate the launch of a unique product, and we decided to demonstrate it the best way possible: through recommendations of current Perspirex consumers, real people, who would share in social networks how this anti-perspirant had changed their lives. So we launched the first casting in social networks, searching for the “Number 1 fan of Perspirex”, that attracted a high number of candidates.

Finally, seven brand’s users and Perspirex followers in social networks were chosen and turned into real influencers. Two of them even became the maon characters of Perspirex TV campaign.

Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, and Perspirex blog helped us to communicate all campaign’s stages: casting announcement, new product launch and its specific positioning, samples’ distribution to approach customers and reinforcement of Perspirex image as a cosmetic product of regular use. We also achieved that numerous fashion and beauty bloggers spoke about Perspirex Plus and their experience with the product.


The campaign’s results were very satisfactory. It generated more than 127.000 visits to Perspirex webpage, the number of Facebook followers rose by 95,8% (from 7.600 to more than 15.000), with an average engagement of 2,65%, reaching 24,28% at the highest peak. Each video, hosted on Youtube, got more than 80.000 views and a dozen bloggers echoed the launch of Perspirex Plus, publishing positive feedback and recommending the new product.

With very low budget and using only social networks for launching Perspirex Plus, we achieved a success far beyond expectations, and huge media coverage exceeded the target.


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