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The objective of MMT Seguros (Car Insurance) Pólizablanca Campaign was to acquire new clients through Real Madrid Baloncesto sponsorship program activation. Here we had a challenge as a performance marketing agency.
The team at MMT Seguros developed a great concept around Real Madrid sponsorship called Pólizablanca, bringing close together the world of insurance and world of basketball bygiving the client opportunities to enjoy exclusive experiences and unique gifts.


MMT Seguros did something different from its competitors in the field of clients acquisition, as its salespeople had longer experience and knew the product very well.

In order to do so, Kanlli focused on developing a campaign that showed of all differential values Our performance marketing agency optimized the marketing campaign results based on the quality and sale conversion by integrating online activities with actual sales. Thus, we focus on keywords and affiliates to bring greater value, not only in the leads.


The results were very positive. Just to pin point some, we achieved 3,000 opportunities in the first ten days of the campaign..


Campaign days



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