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Famosa, the largest toy company in Spain founded in 1957, culminated its digital transformation in 2014 with the creation of their own online store: Famosa Toy Store. kanlli . kanlli started delivering performance marketing marketing services to Famosa promoting the online store for the Christmas campaign

If you wish to learn more about our work as a performance marketing agency for Famosa, we kindly suggest you to watch the video interview with Famosa´s E-Commerce Manager, Alvaro Gil-Nagel, in our TalkBox.

“Kanlli is doing an exceptional job regarding the action plan, they are identifying our strengths in SEM, organic and affiliation marketing campaigns at the same time as they are minimizing the difficulties that we could encounter. The agency is nailing the discovery of new digital media channels. They are in constant communications with us and we are collaborating and working very close with the team that is leading the account at Kanlli.”

Álvaro Gil-Nagel E-Commerce Manager.

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Get access to the full interview: Álvaro Gil-Nagel: “Famosa Toy Store will implement its first Christmas campaign”

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