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ESADE business school wanted to increase the number of student coming from China.

The challenge was to influence Chinese students who were planning to study in Northern Europe or the United States, and to present Spain as an alternative and ESADE as the best option. We were facing a quite restricted market segment, as the number of Chinese students that meant to study abroad was considerable but the number of them thinking about Spain as an option wasn’t that high.

Among our goals, it was compulsory thatacquisition cost per potential student wouldn’t exceed the established target and that leads would convert above a minimum threshold


As Baidu specialists, we designed a SEA campaign in order to increase brand awareness and position ESADE as a real alternative to MBA programs in universities of the USA, UK or France.

Our Chinese team here in Madrid worked together with our Shanghai team to create a SEM marketing campaign in Baidu including a keywords selection structured into different groups according to purchase decision-making phase


The campaign was active for a period of three months. The results were very positive and have made ESADE a recurring customer with whom we work each year to increase the uptake of its target in China.

According Blanca Hernandez, from Marketing Services at ESADE, the campaign was “the way to sneak in those searches that might end up being ESADE students”


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MBA Leads

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