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Dunkin’ Coffee wanted to position itself in Spain as an alternative to a traditional coffee shop. As we were dealing with a brand focused on young target audience, our digital marketing strategy had to focus on the two channels with highest penetration among youngsters: social networks and mobile, the ideal space to promote a modern, dynamic and fancy brand.


First of all, we focused on understanding the DNA of a brand that, from its very beginning, was perfect for Social Media.

We centered the digital marketing strategy on building conversations around product launches, transforming social networks into a dynamic and fun space that would boost brand awareness and increase traffic to the shops. In the meanwhile it served also as a showcase for products and promotions.

To achieve this we understood that it was necessary to have mobile and web support that would allow clients to find the closest store, become member of the Fan Club or discover new products, among other. Throughout the project we used our experience as a web design agency to focus on an ever-moving consumer, taking advantage of geolocation features to let know the offers and promotions.

As a social media agency, we know the importance of influencers on brand reputation. So we elaborated an awareness and brand relationship program that took the form of a bloggers’ event in which they were invited to visit Dunkin’s factory and create their own special donuts. During the event, we encourage the bloggers to share the experience by using the social networks, and all of the participants wrote an article in their blog.


The work of our agency for Dunkin’ Coffee in social networks was, as a whole, a success. Apart from gaining more than a million new followers in less than a year, the publications had a very high level of engagement.


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Also, the Dunkin’ Coffee’s Facebook page achieved the second place in the TNS Fan Page Award 2013. In 2015 it was the second best page in the Food retail category, after an independent analysis of the best 151 Facebook pages.

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