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Balnearios de España


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Balnearios.org was a website of Asociación de Balnearios de España (Association of Spas of Spain) that was reflecting the objectives of the Assotiation and benefits of being its members.

Asociación de Balnearios de España aims to bring value to its members. Nevertheless, the website was focused only on the Association itself, and didn’t “focus” in helping its associates to grow their business.


It was very important to position client’s services as “health and therapeutic treatments” and to show a clear differentiation from spas, where water doesn’t have any special health benefits. We also considered necessary to include information about the members of the Association to the website.

We suggested aligning objectives of the web with those of the Association. The solution was to transition form Association web to an e-commerce page. We focused on bringing value to the associates and, this way, increase the whole Association benefits. This meant we had to change the way we approach communication via web.
The new web were to increase sales, to create an image of balance between healthy lifestyle and leisure, between youth and eldery, and, finally, to enhance product’s visibility by building relationships with the customers.


As a result of our work we got a usable website, adapted to all target audiences, where every Associate member could incorporate its own integrated reservation engine.
The traffic increased by 31% and Balnearios.org ranks top positions in organic Google search results for the most important sector’s keywords.



Position in Google

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Our work for Anbal to was recognized as a success by the General Secretary of the National Spa Association, Luis Miguel Lopez, in the article he wrote for the prestigious magazine IPMARK.

Anbal, from association website to ‘e-commerce’..

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